Investigative Services

Asset Investigations – Locating a subject’s assets such as real property, vehicles, bank accounts, etc. can determine how likely you are to get money in a court case.  Don’t waste your time and money if there are no assets to collect.

Background Checks – Our checks come from billions of records and multiple data bases worldwide.  Before you hire a contractor, nanny, babysitter, take on a new business partner, etc., we can let you know about their background.

Child Custody/Divorce – A child custody investigation done correctly can help make sure that the children involved stay safe. Our Investigators can determine what the child’s experience is like with a custody or non-custody parent. Investigations sometimes reveal neglect or abuse.

Corporate Investigations Employee theft and embezzlement costs corporations billions of dollars each year. Workplace harassment and violence can make you vulnerable to lawsuits. Our thorough investigations can help protect you.

Courthouse Record Search – Our investigators conduct thorough searches in the courthouses for criminal information, civil information, vital records etc.  We will obtain certified copies admissible in court.

Criminal Defense – Not everyone who is arrested for a crime is guilty of committing the crime.  At Eagle Six Group we believe everyone has the right to a fair trial.  If you are innocent we will work diligently to obtain the evidence to prove your innocence.

Due Diligence Investigation – A Due Diligence investigation is more extensive than a background investigation.  Not only do we check the latest data bases but we also conduct a physical search for all records as well as conduct interviews when necessary.

Infidelity Investigations – Spousal Cheating is not pleasant, but it happens.  We can provide you the evidence you need to prove your case in court or give you the peace of mind knowing your spouse is faithful.  All investigations are handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Personal Injury – Our investigators use all investigative techniques and the latest state of the art equipment to provide you with the evidence you need.  At Eagle Six Group we are dedicated to finding the truth.

Pre-employment ScreeningAmid, workplace violence and security concerns, pre-employment screening is a necessary tool to avoid lawsuits and costly hiring mistakes. Investigating the background of a potential hire can help minimize the risk of negligent-hiring lawsuits.

Process Service – Eagle Six Group has teamed up with Platinum Process Serving and they specialize in prompt, diligent service of legal process.  Our team of court certified professionals and investigators are reliable and dedicated to offering their clients the highest standard of service.

Skip Trace/ Locates – Eagle Six Group will utilize investigative techniques and databases to find people who have skipped out on their financial or legal obligations.  It doesn’t matter if they’ve changed names, moved, or are hiding, we can find them.

SurveillanceA good surveillance is an art.  Our investigators have over 20 years of experience conducting surveillances worldwide and have been trained by the best.  At Eagle Six Group we use the latest technology to get the evidence you need.

Witness Statements – We will conduct comprehensive interviews with subjects to document issues and events relevant to the case.  We can take sworn or recorded statements.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud – Workers’ compensation is awarded to employees who have suffered injuries or illnesses that have made them incapable of performing their jobs.  If they have exaggerated or have faked their injuries, we will get you the video and photographic evidence to save you time and money.